Monday, 12 January 2015

Vaishnav Chat Bhandar, Yamuna Vihar


4 out of 5 #Bhukkad Points

#BhukkadInsight:  This place is kind of an institution for all chaat lovers...! Go at any time of the day.. peak summer hour or on a rainy evening... you would have to queue up to get your plate of indulgence. But to out your nerves at peace, every minute would just be worth the wait... If I had it my way, I would have requested them to give me a direct connection so that all I have to do is open my tap and have a glassful of their yummy-licious golgappa water .Order anything and you cant go wrong with it. Their tikis, aloo chaat, golgappas, lachcha tokri, pav bhaji... everything is just amazing. No place to sit or to keep your orders. No place for parking as well. I suggest if they could only move the shop a bit in and have some space for their patrons. #STAYBHUKKAD

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